Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Parents,
During the past academic year we have been working towards obtaining the "Active Flag for NJS. The links below provides some very valuable information.


This flag recognises schools like ours that strive to achieve a physically educated and active school. Above all it will celebrate our participation and success in sport and it will encourage us to continue our efforts to make school a physically active environment.

In order to be awarded the Active School Flag schools must:

1. Commit to a process of self evaluation in terms of the PE programmes and physical opportunities that they offer.

2. Plan and implement a series of changes that will enhance PE and extracurricular provision and promote physical activity.

  • provide all pupils with appropriate PE provision and ensure the school PE policy is both comprehensive and up to date.
  • make a range of extra-curricular activities available to children catering for the diversity of our pupils, including those with special needs.
  • promote physical activity during break times as well as introducing new sports into the school PE timetable
  • seek assistance from outside agencies such as the local sports partnerships and National bodies.
  • involve students in the process and liaise with parents and the local community.

Active School Noticeboard

Keep an eye out for our Active School noticeboard. This is a special area to recognise any sporting achievements of our students, both inside and outside school. You can also find out about upcoming events and information about community sports.

Active School Suggestion Box

There will be an Active School Idea box near the Active School Noticeboard. This is for parents, students or other people in the community who have any good ideas about how to make our school community more active. Anyone who wants to give information about active events/clubs in the area can also drop it in here and the Active School committee will make sure that it is placed on the noticeboard.

NJS Active Flag Questionnaire
Questionnaire for students from 2nd. Class to 6th. / Focus group with Infants and 1st. Class.
Do you like doing P.E. in school?

How could the school improve its P.E. programme?

What are your favourite P.E. activities?

What activities do you enjoy at lunchtime?

If you could change anything about lunchtime what would you change?

Can you suggest ways to improve lunchtime?

How much time do you spend on physical activities after school?

Have you joined any clubs

Is there anybody in the community that you feel could help the school to become more physically active?

Is there any P.E equipment that you think we need to buy for the school?

Any other relevant comments :-

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