Friday, May 23, 2014

A Evening to Remember
On Wednesday evening May 21st, NJS hosted its inaugural "Dad's Soccer Match" and what an event it proved to be. We broadened our terms of reference to include some "fresher legs" in the form of brothers and uncles and with this eclectic mix of talent the stage was set for a show stopper. 
 Martin O'Neill was in town on the night and reports abound that some of the talent on show on the night will turn out for Ireland against Turkey later this week! The match was the proverbial "game of two halves" with the Sky Blues soaring in the first half, however following a visit at half-time from Mister Frosty the Reds came charging onto the field in the second half with renewed energy. Pedro Roche's half-time "pep talk" bore fruit with a magnificent goal immediately after the re-start which left Bob Schmeichel Tweedy on the receiving ended of an unstoppable shot.
The game ended on a 2:1 scoreline but it's fair to say there were no losers in this game. Well done to all our "Heroes" who turned out on the night. NJS is proud of you all.

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