Thursday, June 19, 2014

Once again our Fun Running in the Park attracted a big attendance with approximately 30 children and 6 adults participating. We were down to serious business this week as our NJS Waterford 1100 Relay Marathon is almost upon us- Thursday June 26th.

 We had a visit from Joe Cawley from Waterford Viking Marathon on Friday last and we are looking forward to their support with our venture.

On Friday last we also sent out information slips with a request for assistance by parents with the organisation of the Marathon. Please return these slips as soon as possible.

 Our Committee has been very busy this week preparing and distributing the remaining information leaflets for the parents who are participating in our Rainbow Walking Programme. We estimate that we have approximately 30 families now improving their fitness levels by walking on a regular basis.

Our Wobbly World Cup has proved to be an enormous success on many levels - not least the mix of classes in each team. The Final takes place today Friday 20th June at 1pm between two very talented and enthusiastic teams Argentina and Costa Rica.
We also have a "Water Safety Talk" today. This is a valuable and timely talk as we all head to the  numerous fantastic beaches that dot the coast of Waterford.

We also bring two of our school initiatives together today as the Green Schools Committee & Active Schools Flag Committee organise a "Walk for Water" at 11 a.m. in the People's Park. This gives us some idea what it is like for children in under-developed countries to have to carry water long distances from wells to their homes- a privilege we take for granted with water available to us at the turn of a tap.

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